LALEX (Laser-Assisted Lenticular EXtraction) reshapes the cornea (the clear front part of the eye) using a laser to help it better focus light. Unlike LASIK or PRK, it does this by removing a lens-shaped section of cornea with a different type of laser and only minimally disrupts the surface of the cornea compared to LASIK or PRK. This means the procedure is very comfortable with a very fast visual recovery. LALEX is branded as SMILE or SILK, so you may see these terms as well. 

     Here is an overview of the process but it’s important to know the specifics of your surgical plan may vary.    


     We take all the measurements we need for any vision correction procedure at your consultation. It’s important to stay out of soft contact lenses for at least five (5) days and three (3) weeks for rigid contact lenses. If you have special contact lenses, let us know when you schedule your consultation. We can operate on the same day as your consultation with proper planning. 


     We take great care to make sure there is no discomfort at any point of the procedure. We use one laser for the entire procedure and carefully remove the section of cornea. The light may go dim at several parts of the procedure. It typically takes under 10 minutes for both eyes. 


     After the procedure, you will have drops to take and will need to take it easy for a week without touching or rubbing your eyes. We will see you one day, one week, and one month after surgery.

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