Matt Hirabayashi, MD

     Dr. Matt Hirabayashi is a refractive surgeon and co-founder of Bimini Vision. His passion for refractive surgery is rooted in the profound impact vision correction has on overall quality of life. In medical school, the passion for improving quality of life is what initially drew him to ophthalmology. Whether spending time with family, working, enjoying hobbies, or traveling, we use our vision for everything. This commitment is not only professional, but deeply personal as well. He experienced the transformative process of vision correction firsthand by having ICL surgery with Dr. Greg Parkhurst in 2023.

     He is dedicated to refractive surgery and the importance of the patient experience, believing that all patients should feel confident and comfortable during their individualized vision correction journey.

“I’ve been through the vision correction journey myself and only wish I’d done it sooner. I had ICL surgery in 2023 and ‘life-changing’ doesn’t even begin to describe it.”

Surgeon, Innovator, Leader.

     After graduating summa cum laude from Saint Louis University, Dr. Hirabayashi earned his medical degree from the University of Missouri in Columbia where he became deeply involved in ophthalmology research. He completed his medical internship and residency training in ophthalmology at the University of Missouri where he was elected as Chief Resident during his final year. He then began a two year fellowship focusing on refractive surgery at Parkhurst NuVision in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Parkhurst has some of the most extensive experience with the entire spectrum of vision correction procedures in the country.

     He then moved to Miami and started Bimini Vision with his co-resident, Gurpal Virdi MD, to bring the modern vision correction options to the wonderful people of South Florida. 

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