Innovation and Research

     Bimini Vision is committed to being a leader in innovation, technology, and research. The the founders of Bimini Vision are also the founders of the Ophthalmology Consulting Firm, EYESPACE. EYESPACE is dedicated to advancing the field of ophthalmology through machine-learning solutions. Visit for additional information.

Bimini Vision MedTech Summer Internship

     The Bimini Vision Summer MedTech Summer Internship powered by EYESPACE is an opportunity for college students with a passion for machine learning and artificial intelligence to gain exposure in the MedTech space. The timing is based upon individual school schedules and will focus on machine learning project in field of ophthalmology. This position is paid and can be completely remote. We are also open to internships during the rest of the year depending on your availability. An application can be submitted below.

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