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Did you know there are several types of Vision Correction? It’s all we do

We offer every modern vision correction solution including:

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Tired of Glasses or Contacts?

Are you annoyed with having to wear glasses or contact lenses? Are glasses giving you a headache? Are contact lenses making your eyes feel dry?

Looking For The Right Vision Correction Solution?

There are many ways to correct vision and provide you with a life free from glasses and contact lenses. You can read, watch, and learn about all the options available on our website and we’re more than happy to go over them with you in person!

Looking For The Right Practice?

We are the right practice for you! We have the experience, dedication, and commitment to providing the best results possible. We also believe in delivering a personal and customized journey for everyone we help. Whether you found us online or heard about us from your friends, we’re excited to be a part of your journey.

Ready To Schedule a Consultation?

We offer several convenient ways to schedule. Schedule online with no phone calls necessary, schedule in our VIP Bimini Vision app, or give us a call at (305) 600-2020. We look forward to meeting you soon and helping you find the life free from glasses or contacts you deserve.

The Truth About LASIK

Vision correction can treat a wide variety of ages and prescription. Do you know the answers to these common Vision Correction Questions?


How Much Money Could You Save?

Are you tired of “renting” your vision from glasses and contact lens companies? Vision correction pays for itself! Use our calculator below to see how much money you could save with vision correction! 

Adjust the sliders to personalize:

$ 300
$ 160
(((80-[age])/[glasses])*[glassesprice])+((80-[age])* ([contacts]*[contactsprice]))

Do You Know Your Ocular Milestone?

Our eyes change throughout our lives and require different procedures to be free from glasses. Learn more about which procedures may be best for you based on your current ocular milestone.

Ocular Maturity (18-45)
Lens Dysfunction (46-60)
Cataract (61+)

Meet Your Surgeons

Dr. Hirabayashi and Dr. Virdi are alumni of the same University, Medical School, and Residency. They have known each other for many years, working on countless projects, research, and technological innovations together.

Learn More About Dr. Hirabayashi

Learn More About Dr. Hirabayashi

Learn More About Dr. Virdi

Learn More About Dr. Virdi

Ready for the VIP Experience?

Download our app from the iOS App Store today for the VIP Experience! It has a self-assessment quiz, a library of personalized videos, and an easy way to schedule your consultation without needing to call us. It will serve as your all-inclusive navigator on your vision correction journey.

Why "Bimini"?

The name “Bimini Vision” comes from the legend of Ponce de León searching for the Fountain of Youth in the Bimini Islands of the Bahamas. We believe the Fountain of Youth has been found in refractive surgery. Our mission is to not just restore your vision, but give you the best vision possible. We also want your vision correction journey to feel like a vacation – a vacation that ends with a life free from glasses.

No more dry eyes from contact lenses. 

No more foggy or dirty glasses.

Just wake up and see clearly. 

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